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Friday, March 17, 2006

Mithunda and Govinda - we miss you

My friend Amit and I were huge fans of Mithun and Govinda movies before we came to the US. Every weekend there was either a Mithun or a Govinda movie shown at our request by the local cable operator. Unfortunately, now we both live on opposite coasts of the US. We tried buying a few movies from online websites that sell desi movies, but the real classics are hardly available.

I still remember watching my first Mithun movie in a theater. The part of my mind that processes Hindi movies at that time was like a blank slate, open to external impressions. Luckily, the strongest impression was made by the symbiosis of Mithun and TLV Prasad. Since then I have been seeing as many Mithun (and later Govinda) movies as possible. The peak of my movie watching was between 1993 and 2000 where some major classics were produced. Some that I can never forget are Dalaal (Chad gaya upar re), Cheetah (Mithun da climbing a tall wall like Spiderman), Jallaad (for which Mithunda won a Filmfare award) and Jurmana (Mirchi re mirchi). Similarly, for Govinda, the classics were Aankhen, Coolie no. 1 (which i think is his best movie ever), Hero no. 1 (a close second) and Chotte Sarkaar.

Now when it comes to Govinda, his best years were 1993 (starting with Aankhen) to 2001 (Jodi No. 1). After 2001, none of his movies were at the same level as before. Clearly, it takes a lot of effort to make movies. Now some people think they were B-grade movies fit to a certain recipe and should be easy to make. But, if that were the case then all of Govinda's later releases should have been hits. Obviously, Mithunda had something special - that X-factor!! Which is why some people refer to him as Prabhuji. The best piece of literature I have read on Mithun is at http://greatbong.net/2005/09/09/mithunism-the-religion/.

Our hope is that one day all of the Mithun and Govinda fans would congregate and start a sharing their movies/songs (hey some of the songs are awesome) through streaming video or otherwise. Who knows, we could be starting our own virtual channel that streams Mithun movies on Sundays. :)


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